Our Profile

They say usually, mature experience gives way to youthful adventurers.

We are quite lucky to have a blend of both: headed by a rare few who are always on the go and still buzzing with wild ideas and backed by a bunch of young, talented, ferocious and restless young warriors, happily afflicted with a fondness for exploration.

Our forte is to create innovative yet practical communication ideas for our clients. In short, a perfect mix of right brain wackiness and left brain insight.

Outer Circle is the brain child of Sujith, which is a blend of Ad Agency experience of 15+ years with a young GenX geek.

Our reason of being:

” Reach beyond the existing circle of target audience through digital media, to Acquire and Engage the consumers. ” 

Our philosophy
Smarter communication for the Smarter world
Our Goals & Values
  1. Smart Web.

  2. Smart Media.

  3. Smart Engage.

  4. Smart Connect.

  5. Smart App.

  6. Smart Reach.

  7. Smart Analytics.

  8. Smart Ads.

We are proud to work with
ASM Technologies Ltd
Motorola India
Shashi Sumeet Group
Star Suvarna
Meco Motorsports
Hindware Snowcrest Aircoolers
Blue Turtle Films
SK Steels
Shilpa Builders
Zipato iCasa
Meco Kartopia
Media360 Degree
Saraswathi Convention Centre
Aradhya Brand Consulting
Lejeune Medspa
Armaan Ebrahim
Akhil Rabindra
Akash Gowda
Yash Aradhya
Our experience

At Outer Circle we have professionals of various skillsets to converge and deliver the best strategy for your online marketing needs.

Our team is certified by Google, our members of renowned institutions like Internet Marketers Associations (California, USA), have more than a decade long experience in marketing and branding.

Marketing - 15 years
Website Designing - 7 years
SEO/SEM - 5 years
Social Media - 4 years
Our Services
Web Development

We develop websites that are highly user/seo friendly and functional apart from being responsive on all devices.


We improve Search Engine Page rankings and Quality score, which will help you get targeted visitors.


Dont plan to get clicks, Plan to get more people to click, call and buy.

Social Media

Our deep social media insights help you acquire new fans and retain past & current fans through engagement.

Web Maintainance

Having a good website is not enough with latest Google updates stressing on fresh and updated content.