Social media is not only a platform for staying connected with friends but also provides businesses a platform to reach its target audience. Outer Circle helps organisations reach its target audience effectively by exploring the ad opportunities provided by these social media platforms.Our experienced professionals ensure that the targeting is precise to acquire genuine likes. It helps you create a positive brand image in your customer’s eye.

We do a lot of testing in terms of which ads suits best for your business. We make sure the campaigns that we run on social media platform carry right set of information to right people.

Facebook Acquisition

Facebook has emerged as one of the biggest social media platforms to advertise and reach your real target audience. Our Social media manager uses solutions from Facebook in best possible way where we relate your consumer’s interest with your businesses.

Facebook has multiple ad placement options to showcase your business to your potential clients. Ads can be placed on the newsfeed and on the right side panel. The ads can be optimized for various objectives from brand visibility, page like acquisition, offer distribution etc. Our team can help you determine the best options to reach your desired goals.

LinkedIn Acquisitions

LinkedIn is the largest professional social media network. Due to this highly defined user base we can help you acquire your preferred target audience according to their designation, company size, location etc.

This feature of LinkedIn differentiates it from all other social media platform and is most effective for Business to Business acquisition programs.

YouTube Acquisition

With the changing dynamics of user behaviour online there is a drastic increase in the number of people watching Audio/Video content on YouTube produced by independent production houses. The audience on Youtube is captive and can be served ads on their interest level and if a person is not interested they can skip the ads as well. Giving advertisers reach to only users who are truly interested in your ads.

YouTube is the place where the businesses can post the videos showcasing their product/service or work culture or brand communication & so on.