Being a first timer, I had no preset notions to how I was supposed to do things.
At Outer Circle racing to the perk of the business was not important than the productivity they fostered.
Instead of forcing a culture on me, I was welcomed with new ideas and innovation. There were connections made through pictures, stories, briefings which enabled me to understand the Big Picture. Like all businesses certain targets are set like best quality and time management. Each employee is given a specific task wherein there in internal communication that most company’s lack. There is transparency amongst the employees as to when, how, with whom and why work has to be done in a systematic manner. A sense of owner mentality prevails at the work place to understand and put forth his/her views ahead to get the end result.
There can’t be just work and no play. Outer Circle is a fun-filled atmosphere where the employees are credited with a variety of things such as day off’s, lunches, etc. It is made a point to celebrate after completing a project.
All this adds to rarest of things; “a genuine concern over work-life balance and ensuring that the employees are happy”.

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