Deliver on-line with high quality and supervision. Outer Circle on-line Video Broadcast Services deliver the very best quality on-demand and live video experiences to manage and acquire your audience—no matter wherever they’re. We simplify complicated technology for you to provide you and your audience with a seamless experience on devices and standards across the net, mobile and connected TVs.

HD Video Streaming

We always give our audience the most competent video quality on-line. Video Cloud creates a minimal of six entirely different renditions for each video you transfer, automatically detects user information, and dynamically switches between renditions mid-stream to corroborate swish playback at the best quality achievable.
Advanced Live Video Streaming on digital network.

With Video Cloud’s Advanced Live Streaming, you can broadcast live events with expert quality and offer all viewers the manageable potential expertise with multi-bitrate delivery. Let your viewers cling to advanced DVR “rewind” and “jump to live” rationality. On-demand video streams may be out instantly at the conclusion of the print. Advertise on your video streams with integrated, pre-, mid- and post-roll ads, overlays and bumpers.

Universal Delivery Service

Brightcove Video Cloud’s Universal Delivery Service uses multi-bitrate video streaming via Adobe Flash Media Server, Akamai HD, Apple HTTP streaming or progressive download to make sure the simplest attainable viewing proficiency for any device.

Protect your valuable content

Ensure your video is safe. Use RTMPe stream programming and SWF verification to prevent video stream split and content stealing and ensure that your video stream plays back exclusively in your approved players.

Fine-grained Access Control

Pinpoint in particular once and anywhere your content is presented, it fits content licensing restrictions, worldwide launch roll-out schedules or secure behind-the-firewall delivery. The simple graphical interface permits you to limit the access by date, domain, geography, player or IP address. For even larger management you can even prohibit access to sensitive materials by IP address vary and guarantee content is accessible solely with approved networks.